Shipping Information

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Shipping Information

Shipping and Delivery Questions

Shipping Fees and Time

Shipping fee depends on the weight and destination of the package. Please refer to [About EMS Rates] page for further information.
Shipping fee includes packing, delivery, and handling.
Delivery time varies depending on the order; however, it approximately takes 7 to 14 days from the moment you have placed your order.
You can find approximate estimated shipping dates in the email sent to you after your order is submitted.
Items will be shipped by Express Mail Service (EMS). The sender will be shown as Veritrans/navibird, which is BuySmartJapan delivery service provider.
Please be forewarned that delivery of some items may take longer.
[Approximate delivery time]

DHL and FedEx shipping options are also available at additional cost.
※When using non-standard shipping options, the process might take longer.

About delivery delays

Deliveries may take longer than usual during long holidays. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

About Customs Clearing/Customs Duty

Your order will be shipped from Japan.
Since it is deemed as private import, purchasing items for resale is legally prohibited.
Customers are fully responsible for any customs duty or value-added tax that may be charged.
If packages were sent back to Japan because users refused to pay customs duties ,users should pay reshipping fee if they would like to reship items.
If items are held at customs or customs duties need to be paid, you will be notified directly by the customs office, not by BuySmartJapan. Please follow their instructions to receive the items.
*Customs information

About EMS Warranty Coverage

1.EMS will compensate for items that are damaged or missing components.
Depending on the country compensation might be impossible once the delivery receipt is signed. We strongly recommend you to check the contents of the package before signing.
2.Main things to check when the package is delivered.
  • ・Is it the same item as the one you ordered at BuySmartJapan?
  • ・Are the quantities and colors the same as those you ordered?
  • ・Is the item damaged or soiled?
3.If you find one of the problems described above, let delivery person know it and do not sign the slip.
And please inform BuySmartJapan customer service about the problem.
About EMS insurance fee
EMS Insurance Program
  • ・If items value is up to 20,000JPY.・・・Free insurance.
  • ・If items value is 20,000JPY and more.・・・Insurance fee is necessary. Maximum of 2 million JPY is covered in case of loss.

"Opening Special"
Only Now Insurance fee for items valued 20,000JPY and more is covered by"BuySmartJapan"!

※The compensation amount will be the price of goods+EMS shipping fee.。
(If one order was shipped with multiple items,the compensation amount will only be the price of goods.)

[About EMS Rates]

All Countries and Areas

List of EMS Size and Weight Limits

About Lithium Battery

Delivering lithium batteries through EMS (international express) became possible since January 2013.

【Conditions to be met when delivering lithium batteries by International Mail (Summary)】
All the following conditions shall be met:

  • 1.the lithium battery must be installed on or in the device
  • 2.the capacity or power rating, etc. of the battery must be within certain limits
  • 3.the amount of lithium battery must be within limits (4pcs for single batteries, 2pcs for battery packs)
  • 4.destination countries or regions must have no restrictions on import of lithium batteries

≪The main regions and countries, in which delivery of the items containing lithium battery by EMS is strictly prohibited, are following:≫
German, Italy, Mongolia and others.

≪Examples of items containing lithium batteries:≫
Digital Camera, Video Camera, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablet computers, etc..

If the requested item contains lithium battery and delivery of such to customer's country or region is prohibited, Please be warned, that the order will be cancelled regardless of permission.


Lithium-ion batteries installed on or in the device
・・・can be shipped overseas by EMS.
Separate Lithium-ion battery
・・・cannot be shipped overseas by EMS.
Lithium batteries not installed in the device
・・・can be shipped overseas, if you let us open the package and install batteries before shipping.

Under the EMS regulations in case when lithium battery for an electronic appliance is placed separately, we will have to install it in device before shipping it out. In such case, we ensure wearing gloves as we open the package and install battery.
*Thank you in advance for understanding that no prior notification will be given in such case.

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