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About the return and exchange of purchased items.

Due to delay of inventory information update, there is a possibility that the product you ordered is out of stock.
Please note that in such case, your order will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

Handling of secondhand articles

In principle, we do not accept return or exchange of secondhand articles we have sold.
In addition, we do not warrant the condition, etc. of such commodities.
Please acknowledge said policy when you apply for purchase.
Even if you make inquiries regarding the condition of the commodities before purchase, we will not respond.
In principle, only one secondhand article may be bought.
Please note that more than one article may not be bought at one time.

Return / Exchange / Cancellation Policy

The Company shall not accept any Member’s request for return or exchange of Goods, except in cases where such request is based on causes attributable to the fault of the Company.
Article 15 (Returned Goods, Exchange)
Return and Exchange is not possible if:
  • ・The color is different from the one in the photo (actual color can be different from the one in the picture).
  • ・The size of clothes(etc.) does not fit you (unless the size you ordered was different).
  • ・Items are damaged or soiled by the customer him/herself.
  • ・The reasons neither BuySmartJapan nor Shipping Company is responsible for.
  • ・Other reasons customer is responsible for.

The package may be opened at customs office for contents' inspection.
An exchange or return of such orders is not possible, unless contents were damaged.

If the items the existence of causes attributable to the fault of the Company, Make sure to contact us within 7 days from receiving the item to return or exchange it.
When sending us an inquiry, please let us know the order number, item name(item number) and name of the customer as registered. As soon as we process your inquiry we will contact you back with information regarding steps to get your goods returned or exchanged.

【To contact us, Please fill in an Inquiry at [My Page].】

Return and Exchange Shipping Fees
  • ・If your order shipped by mistake or damaged for reasons attributable to BuySmartJapan. BuySmartJapan will fully covers shipping cost.
  • ・Please note that the items that have been used can not be returned or exchanged.


In case of order cancellation or stock unavailability we will refund your payment, automatic emails with details will be sent to your registered email address. Depending on the payment method the refund completion time and exchange rates may vary. Please ask your payment service provider about it.

Pre-order Products

Regarding pre-order products, you can apply for purchase by proxy no earlier than 90 days(3 months) before the date of release.
Please note:The following methods of payment is excluded

Payment via PayPal
You can only apply for purchase by proxy no earlier than 30 days when paying by PayPal.

If you apply earlier than 90 days before the date of release, we will give you notice and cancel your application.
For goods where the specific date of release is not fixed, we will set a date of release based on the following rules:

early⇒the 5th day of the month
mid⇒15th day of the month
late⇒25th day of the month

Notice:We won't accept the cancellation after you made a reservation 。

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