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In principle, we do not accept return or exchange of secondhand articles we have sold.
In addition, we do not warrant the condition, etc. of such commodities. Please acknowledge said policy when you apply for purchase.
Even if you make inquiries regarding the condition of the commodities before purchase, we will not respond.
In principle, only one secondhand article may be bought. Please note that more than one article may not be bought at one time.


Before you purchase an item, we ask you to check the latest and most accurate information on seller’s or manufacturer's website.
We are not responsible for any inconsistency in information reagrding items, such as specification, attachments, pictures and etc. given on our partner's website

*Due to delay of inventory information update, there is possibility that the product is out of stock.
   Please note that for such case, the order will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

*If you see the following button next to the store, the stock is most likely unavailable and must be checked with the store,
   or the item need to be pre-ordered. These kind of orders might have to be cancelled or take longer than regular ones.


【Notes on purchase of DVD & Game software】

When you purchase software that incorporates "region code" or "regional lockout", you must have the hardware that supports them. Please check before you purchase.

* What is "region code"?
Region code is information of region where software such as DVD or game is intended to be marketed. Region code is encoded both on the disk and the hardware, the codes need to match each other to play them.

【Notes on purchase of LCD television】

The items you buy through BuySmartJapan are designed to meet Japanese standards.
They might be incompatible with local power supply voltage or broadcasting specifics in your country. Please look it up before purchasing.

【Notes on purchase of Child Safety Seats.】

Safety standards for child seats vary depending on the country and region.
Please check if the Japanese safety standard (ECE R44/04) meets
the standards of your country/area before purchasing a Child Car Seat.

※You cannot use Japanese Child Car Seats in countries with specific safety standards, such as: U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa.


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About package weight

To optimize our service we have set the fixed approximate average weight for each category.

  • ※ package weight is total weight including packaging the item is being shipped,not the weight of the product only.
  • ※ We calculate the average for each product based on the updated information from Japanese domestic online stores.
  • ※ The actual package weight when you receive it may be different from our set category weight.


About Shipping Area

※Please check available countries&areas

Countries and Areas

About Lithium Battery

It is possible to deliver a lithium battery through EMS (international express) since January 2013.

[Conditions to be met when deliver lithium batteries by International Mail (Summary)]All the following conditions shall be met.

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