About Fees

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About Fees

Service fee consists of "agency commission" and "delivery fee"
and is not included in commodity price. Agency commission is determined by the item's price.

Agency commission

15% of item's price.

【Limited Time Offer】Website Opening Special

Celebrate our website opening with us, enjoy our special service offer.

Commission = 10% of item's price + 200JPY expense charge

Normally, commission for the items worth 20,000JPY would be 3,000JPY.
During our limited time offer, commission for the same items is only 2,200JPY.

You just saved 800JPY!

EMS rates

EMS rates depend on the weight of the package.

[About package weight]

We have calculated the average weight for each product's category.  All categories

* Package weight is not the weight of the item itself, but of the item and packaging altogether at the moment of shipping.
* We calculate the average weight for each product based on the updated information from Japanese domestic online stores.
* The average category weight is not precise, actual weight of the item when you receive it might be different.

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