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Frequently Asked Questions

Summary faq. Please read before you send an inquiry.

About shopping

Q: Do I need to be a registered member to use this service?
Yes, you need to complete a member registration (free).
Q: What payment methods are available?
「Credit card(Visa, MasterCard, JCB)」「PayPal」「Alipay」「ChinaUnionPay」
*Payment by some debit cards of the brands listed above is also possible.
Q: Is this service available for websites not listed, e.g. Amazon?
If you'd like to use BSJ with non-partnering websites, please, send us a detailed inquiry.
Q: Purchase banner does not show on the product page.
Please check the following;
1. Is your IP address located outside of Japan?
2. Have you ever accessed kakaku.com through Japanese IP, if so, please delete your browser's cookies.
3. Are you viewing kakaku.com with a mobile device? If so, please access kakaku.com with computer. The banner is not available for mobile version. 4. The product category is not available for international shipping.
Q: Can I buy multiple items at the same time?
You can purchase up to 5 items at once by using our cart system.
The maximum quantity is 5pcs of a single item.

Delivery Information

Q: What countries do you deliver to?
We ship to over 120 countries and regions of the world. Please see List of Countries and Areas
Q: How long does it take for the items to be delivered after placing the order?
It takes approximately seven to ten days. It may take longer depending on the country and the items.
Q: How much is the shipping fee?
Shipping fee depends on the weight and destination of the package. Please see[About EMS Rates] page for further information.
Cutoms duties are not included in the shipping fee. Please note that customers are responsible for all the customs duties.
Q: How much are customs duties?
The customs office of your country will notify you. Please follow the instructions provided by them.
Please note that if you do not pay the duties within a certain period of time, the items will be returned to Japan.
*Information about the tariff
Q: Can the order be delivered on a certain requested date?
Such option is not available at the moment.
Q: Can items be delivered to a person other than the one who ordered?
Yes. Items can be delivered to one other than the registered address. The shipping address can be saved in your address book.

About Items

Q: Are all the items displayed on your website made in Japan?
No. Some items are not made in Japan. However, they are either products of Japanese brands or products sold by Japanese companies handling foreign brands that are popular in Japan. So don't worry and enjoy your shopping.
Q: Can the order be cancelled?
Cancellations caused by the problems on the customer's side are not acceptable. However, the cancellation can be made if the delivered item is different from the one you ordered, got damaged or stained during the delivery. In such cases, please contact our customer support center.
Q: Do items have warranties?
Please be warned that in most cases goods' warranties can only be used within Japan.
Q: The package has arrived open, how come?
The package may be opened for an inspection at the local customs office. Opening the package should not affect the usability of the item. If the products are destroyed or do not function properly, contact us via the Inquiry page.
Q: What kinds of items are available?
Please see the item categories on our webpage. We frequently update and expand the list.
Q: Is it possible to buy an item that requires pre-ordering?
BuySmartJapan does not have this option yet. If the payment transaction for such order came through, we will have to cancel it. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Q: I forgot my Password.
If you forgot your password, please go to the following page.
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