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【Regarding Categories】

BuySmartJapan has a list of categories set based on actual information from partnering online stores and price comparison engines.
Please understand, that sometimes the same item may belong to differnet categories depending on the referer.

【Regarding Items' Weight】

About EMS Rates

BuySmartJapan has fixed wright set for each catogry.
※Package weight is total weight of product and packaging, not the item weight only.
※The appropriate average was calculated based on the actual weights of packages from Japanese online-stores.
※We always update the weights of categories, but even though,the weight of the actual package you receive might be different from the set one.
※In case of special purchases (s. a. purchase made with request form), the weight is measured separately for each item.

BuySmartJapan Default Category List

※This is the basic category list set for our service which is mainly used for purchases from Kakaku.com.
If you use our service for purchases other than from Kakaku.com, please see "Other Categories".


Regarding other categories(online stores other than kakaku.com)

Purchase by proxy is available for the categories that meet the following conditions.
The weight is calculated and set based on approximate average for each category.
・Item in a partner's online store that shows BuySmartJapan banner.
・Item suitable for EMS international shipping.
・Items with properly displayed BuySmartJapan product page.

【Partner Websites List】

【Checking the shipping fee】
【Checking the shipping fee】
As you open BuySmartJapan product page, you will be able to see shipping fees by areas for this particular product.

After you put the item into the cart and set the shipping address, appropriate shipping fee will be applied to the order.

【Notes on purchase of DVD & Game software】

When you purchase software that incorporates region code or regional lockout,
you must have the hardware that supports them.
Please check before you purchase.

* What is region code?
Region code is information of region where software such as DVD or game is intended to be marketed.
Region code is encoded on both disk and hardware, the codes need to match in order for disk to be played.