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1.The ordered items will be shipped from Japan.
2.Since it is deemed as private import, purchasing items for resale is legally prohibited.
3.Customers are responsible for any customs duty or value-added tax that may be charged.
4.If items are held at customs or customs duties need to be paid, you will be notified directly by the customs office, not by BuySmartJapan.
Please follow their instructions to receive the items.

5.Order for high valued items
We may ask for your identification such as ID, driver's license or passport when your order exceeds the total sum of 100,000 JPY. If we do not receive your identification information within 7 days after our request, your order will be canceled. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please be assured that any personal information we receive from you will be used for confirming your identity only.

6.Before you purchase electric appliances, please check the applicability in your country such as the outlet and the voltage.
7.Payment proceedings, please do not Click the Back button in your browser
8.If you close the webpage or browser before completing payment, the data of your purchase order will be resetted. Please complete your payment before you close the webpage or browser, otherwise you will need to redo the procedure over again.
9.It is prohibited to use a forwarding agency address as the destination address for your order.
10.In principle, we do not accept return or exchange of secondhand articles we have sold.
In addition, we do not warrant the condition, etc. of such commodities.
Please acknowledge said policy when you apply for purchase.

11. If an error occurs when processing credit card payment, we kindly recommend you to use PayPal instead.

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