You can buy products sold on "「TORANOANA」official online store " from overseas! offers Easy and Secure online shopping from Japan.

We purchase items sold in Japan on behalf of you We can ship to over 120 countries and regions.

Reasons you may be hesitant to shop at an online store in Japan.

I'm not sure about the procedure.The online store does not accept credit cards.

What can offer, Easy and secure shopping at online stores in Japan

About purchase agent service
  • When you find it problematic to order something on your own our company can purchase it on your behalf and ship it to you.
  • All you need to do is to place an order and wait for your goods to arrive, let us worry about the rest!
  • *Depending on the country of destination customs duties might be required. Customers must be responsible for all the related procedures and payments.
  • *BuySmartJapan service is for overseas customers only.
Flow chart of our service
Toranoana official online store
Toranoana is the biggest doujinshi specialty store in Japan.
It offers doujinshi, comics, anime related goods and so on.
Toranoana is one of a leading company of doujinshi, and it is aiming to be a bridge between creators and customers.
It not only has stores all over Japan but also has its own official shopping site.


Enjoy easy and secure online shopping from Japan!

I don't understand how it works.
BuySmartJapan purchases goods you want on your behalf and ships it to you..
The online store does not accept credit cards.
BuySmartJapan accepts different types of payments and redirects them via local Japanese bank transfer.
The online store does not ship overseas.
BuySmartJapan purchases goods on your behalf and ships them abroad to your address.
Customer support is only available in Japanese
You can contact BuySmartJapan in English and we will handle your inquiries and orders.
I have never shopped at Japanese online stores.
It's easy! Just place an order on our webstie and wait for your goods to arrive.

3 reasons to shop through BuySmartJapan

3 reasons why it's safe to shop with BuySmartJapan


Our service BuySmartJapan assists online shoppers living outside of Japan with purchase and delivery.
Areas we cover All the areas covered by EMS (Over 120 countries and regions).
Available languages Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English, Korean, Japanese.
*Product names and descriptions are in Japanese.
Payment Method applicable VISA,MasterCard, JCB CARD, China Pay,Alipay,Paypal
VISA,MasterCard, JCB CARD,  China Pay,Alipay,Paypal,
Products Products you can find in our partners' websites under the category covered by our service or products which pages have the following banner on them.
following banner
*Sometimes even products that have banner on their page can not be handled by EMS due to their size and weight . In such cases we will have to cancel your order. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
How to order
  1. Click "BuySmartJapan" banner located at the bottom of the item's page on our partners' websites.
  2. You will jump to "BuySmartJapan" page. Click "order" button. Please read the terms and policy before ordering.
    *You need to be a registered member (free) to use our services.
  3. Input shipping address information and select the payment preference.
  4. Check and confirm your order by clicking "checkout" button.
  5. When payment is completed, an automatic confirmation email regarding your payment will be sent to you. Now just sit back and wait for the goods to arrive.
    *Depending on the country of destiantion customs duties might be required. Customers must be responsible for all the related procedures and payments.
Service provided by NaviPlus Co., Ltd.
Contact: BuySmartJapan


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